The equestrian activity is both a sport and a passion. This is why leisure activities are often concordées with her as shiatsu. The latter is another benefit that can easily be found ally to riding. Of course, before they can hope to advocate these benefits, it will know more in the workings of the concept.

The concept of Shiatsu

First, be aware that underlying Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning finger pressure. It is above all a relaxing discipline playing on body energy. It consists of stretching as well as pressure applied to areas of the body. Of course, the pressures in question are generally done with the thumb. Also, stretching role is to promote the energy flow of the body. Being rather a preventive activity, Shiatsu therefore is a method of relaxation and wellness. To this, it is recommended for those wishing to have better physical well-being, regardless of age category. The benefits of shiatsu will act so as to reduce stress and tension first. It will also stimulate and strengthen the body's self-defense system. Of course, it will act to balance the energy system at large.

Shiatsu and riding

Yes, Shiatsu can also be used in riding. then we will call the Equine Shiatsu and build on the basics of shiatsu and riding as well as a good material such as antares saddles. Above all, Shiatsu enqui can be used on all types of horses regardless of sex, age or race. Equine Shiatsu is a Japanese discipline that is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Basically, it's like acupuncture, but without needles. The result of using this technique will better maintain the balance between body and mind. It must be said that this practice will also take into account the emotional state of the horse. It is an activity of well being for both the equine and also for the rider.