California on the west coast of the USA is known worldwide for its two cities San Francisco and Los Angeles, but also for its Mediterranean climate, beaches and lifestyle, not to mention Hollywood and the most famous studios in the world.

The Californian coast

The California coastline, which measures approximately between 1 350 km long and 5000 km by counting the berries, is indented by numerous gulfs, bays (Humboldt Bay, San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, Santa Monica Bay, etc. .), capes (Cape Mendocino, Point Reyes, for example) and estuaries (San Joaquin, Sacramento). The flat expanses are relatively narrow (except the Los Angeles Basin and the Central Valley). At Big Sur, the granite chain plunges steeply into the ocean, creating a coastal escarpment unspoilt and sparsely populated: the link Santa Lucia and offers cliffs 240 meters overlooking the ocean. The islands are few and small: the Farallon Islands west of San Francisco, Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, California Channel Islands off Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.
The swell and waves are omnipresent phenomena: they allow surfing.

A horse riding tour in California

Gallop along deserted ocean beaches, ride the ridges while the Pacific waves breaking on the rocks, meander on wet trails through the beautiful redwood forest for holidays unusual in Northern California, on the Mendocino coast. This area is full of natural beauty and animal life, life moves at its own pace and ghosts of Russian adventurers, English, Spanish cling to this remote part of the world.
How about getting a Akhal-Teke, crossing Russian Orlov and Arabian horses many of which were champions jumping, dressage and hiking trails? At the stable you will find these fabulous horses for riders in western riding. This tour will take you for kilometers of beaches, to a working ranch and the coastal mountains, covered with conifers and views to infinity.

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