The most common saddles are designed to fit most horses and generally have no problem to fit the length of the horse's back. But they must come from a manufacturing plant that employs experts in leather art.

Leather horse equipment

This is a point that needs to be put in mind when buying the equipment of a horse, the design of equipment.

Let's pay attention to the rider

High boots

The first, high boots to the knee. This way we can avoid snags with our saddle. The heel will be another important factor. Approximately 2.5cm heel would be ideal to properly hold the stirrups and prevent our foot to slip and get stuck. Although it may seem silly, it's a safety issue. Leather is still a good choice for boots because it is comfortable to the feet and they protect us against the sweating summer.

Seamless trousers

After choosing good boots for driving, the next choice is a comfortable pant. This is not one of the most important things. Therefore, if we begin, we will merit elastic leggings or jeans. What is important is that they fit properly, but comfortable, they do not constrict us and a resistant material prevents friction. This site is the right place if we want to buy good quality products ridings, like the pants cook that only cost you less than 15 euros. These pants are skinny pants are easy to use with boots and reinforced inside leg to avoid nailing the seams. Comfort is paramount for a good driver training.

To care for leather, boards are available with the right strap for cleaning. Leather is also a material that suits all seasons and offers full security when you are active.

So, it is always important to take care to observe the equestrian equipment kit for not making an unnecessary expense.