When one does not have the right equipment including good saddle, obviously feeling a sharp pain in the back. Although the placement of the latter remains the main factor for this disease, it is also obvious to choose the right saddle. To do this, it must be based on the right criteria.

How to choose the right saddle?

The choice of the saddle depends on many criteria. For example, for antares saddles,you can choose the shape of your saddle pommel for standard tourniquets, tourniquets blast and drowned or cob tourniquets. For each, you can also choose the arcade after a measure other than the stool. This arch should match the width of your horse's withers. It'll then is choose the seat model that might suit you as your horse notably the joint saddle, mixed dressage, endurance or dressage.

How to check if the saddle is adapted to the back of his horse?

If you do not want to use a saddler, you can still follow these tips.

First, you must check the center of gravity of saddle on the back of your horse with the help of a pencil or chalk. Then you should check that the pommel and cantle are at the same height. Placing yourself behind the horse, you should see the cleared column throughout the seat. The withers must be perfectly free, and once you have to spend only three fingers above the withers and two fingers on the side. When you are in the saddle, you must have the ability to drag your whole hand under the seat at shoulder level of your pet. The strap should also be vertical relative to the ground. The traces of sweat must be symmetrical and uniform. You need to spend three or four fingers along the gutter when you return the saddle. The latter must not touch the vertebrae, should not be based on the lower back, do not touch the shoulders and should not have asymmetry default. The padding should be wide enough.