Because today we have not yet found better in terms of resistance to aging, compromise flexibility / holding, grip, comfort, ... as leather, do not throw away a leather saddle! Firstly because a leather saddle can be a great seat that will become an excellent used saddle. Used leather saddles which are to sale are still very popular especially by novice riders.

Here's a list of things to check

Keep still in mind that the only way to be sure a saddle has a broken tree or some other "internal wound", it is necessary to show it to a saddler who will remove panels and will go to see what takes place inside ... This list will give you "things" to know if such measures are necessary.  First, you must carefully observe the saddle, either by placing it on a pommel horse or with the pommel on the ground and the cantle in hand. Determine roughly the center of the cantle, and check that everything seems normal to this point.

- Check if the pommel of the saddle is not twisted. For this, the center of the pommel and  the center of the cantle must be aligned.

- Check the nail heads are aligned.

- The padding can be packed unevenly, while the tree would be right. So make sure the panels. The padding can be packed very hard, with hollows and bumps. If this is the case, you have to adjust the wool panels of the saddle entirely (this applies only to wool panels, foam deforms less easily).

- Catch the stirrup bars and pull frankly. They absolutely should not move.Then make a bending test of the tree. Normally, it must pray a little. The gullet should not move at all. And finally, check against girth tabs and seams. Take a good shot on the panels to ensure they are well hung.

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