Having a horse is not always easy. In addition to caring for their health and their health, the choice of equipment that must accompany it is also necessary and even important. In order to avoid all kinds of accidents, must be chosen especially carefully for the saddle.
The saddle is one of the most delicate materials when riding. It is the heart that connects with the horse rider. With that, if the heart is misplaced or uncomfortable, it is quite possible that loose. To avoid arriving at this, it would be best to choose your saddle so that the rider can feel at ease.

Think French

It is known that the French are doing quite well with their horses. The secret may lie in the French saddlers. If we used french saddles, this can be à solution for à beautiful stallion and skillful in keeping with its rider.

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The equitack.com site several French saddler. Their states are still excellent and can still serve for years. Some can be used for personal purposes, other professionals.