The saddle is the most essential equipment when it comes to riding. That is why his choice is very important and should not be taken lightly. It must, however, note that each horse or pony has its own morphology. Therefore, the saddler changes depending on the physical nature of the equine. The saddle made for horse is different from that of a pony.

A pony beyond 18

Unlike the horse, the pony is a smaller size. Certainly, it is easier to mount since it has a smaller stride but remain in its saddle remains a great test for all people exceeding 18 years. Indeed, this age indicates exceeding the sixty bar, which means that at this age, it is time to move the horses.

However, if your choice is fixed on the ponies, know that you can keep balance and stand on a stool with the right choice of your saddle. The secret is actually in it, so it should not be taken lightly so that the rider can find his comfort and stay on the saddle as on a horse. one must also consider that with a pony, there is much more movement to do that with a horse because when you trot, remove two or three times faster than a rider on horseback. This is making it more difficult to stay on a saddle of a pony.

Having a good balance through its saddle

The balance and the comfort of the rider of the horse and is still in the saddle. To facilitate your climb, choose the right seat to your body as well as your equine. One can now find many types of used saddles for sale in equestrian retailers and even online. So you can have more choice to find your best saddle. Large French and English brands will be well within your reach.

If you prefer to ride a pony instead of a horse, know that it is still more difficult. However, if that is your choice, remember to bring you an experienced teacher to teach you and to contact professionals to choose your saddle.