You want to introduce you to horseback riding or performer you more? Spotlightequestrian welcomes you with open arms in its center with excellent facilities. We have retained the rustic setting of our extensive farm on ten hectares of pastures to combine both education, discovery, and of course relaxing.

Our team welcomes you in a unique setting and atmosphere both warm and friendly. The kindness, hospitality and security are the cement of success. Our instructors are not only passionate about horses. They are true professionals qualified by the State itself. They will provide you with a quality education but also an instruction tailored to your level of knowledge and this according to your needs.

Make yourself at home

With us you can do at home. You will not only be able to fully reconcile with nature but you will acquire specific knowledge of horses or simply by equine professionals in the field. You will combine relaxation with the discovery in a very accessible place surrounded by greenery.

Our center can only be the ideal place to live for all horses but all riders whether amateur or professional. All roads make you discover exceptional places as you walk on the back of your pet. If you do not feel an attack for a walk in the forest outside the center, know that an internal road trip will be offered. Regardless of your age, we offer packages and programs tailored to your needs and this at very competitive prices. We offer you many horses from which you can choose the ideal partner who will accompany you throughout the year. We will teach you how to ride, how to gain his trust, respect, how to heal and help you improve yourself more if you want to participate in a particular competition. To you to decide now whether or not you want to get started.